biancocristallo (4K)
Bianco Crystal
biancosardo (4K)
Bianco Sardo
bluepearl (3K)
Blue Pearl
bonaccord (4K)
Bon Accord
emldpearl (2K)
Emerald Pearl
gialloveneziano (3K)
Giallo Veneziano
ivorybro (2K)
Ivory Brown
kashwhite (2K) Kashmir White
multired (4K)
Multicoloured Red
rosaporrino (3K)
Rosa Porrinho
stargalaxy (3K)
Star Galaxy
tanbrown (4K)
Tan Brown
Zimbabwe Black


A granular crystalline igneous rock of quartz, mica, feldspar, etc

Nature's hardest material, after diamond. Often mistaken for marble.

Nothing quite exhibits pure exuberance and quality as well as granite worktops. With granite worktops you can add a sense of style to your kitchen, a granite worktops you can transform a run of the mill standard kitchen into a touch of class without losing the practicality of an extremely hardy kitchen worktop.

Granite comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns but they have one thing in common, they are all natural.

Designed by Mother Nature herself and fabricated into beautiful granite worktops at the hand of man.

Whatever kitchen worktop you are interested in, granite is the least contrived.

Please remember that although we do all we can to make the image accurate, there is no substitute for actually seeing it, touching it.

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